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andromedachatandfic - Discussion and fanfic for Andromeda

Subject: Discussion and fanfic for Andromeda

Description: Andromeda takes the Greek demi-god to the other end of scifi...Dylan Hunt,
Tyr, Seamus Harper, Bekka or Trace....Or even Rev and Rafe Valentine are all
welcome fodder. Come discuss the possibilities. Or share a story, be it
general, hetero or slashy...We're eager everything, from smarm and beyond

A lot of the stories on this list come from the deleted YG parent list and will
in time be posted to the shared web files here along with the new arrivals to
make it easier to find them. This list is part of the WWOMB family of lists and
as such, the stories will be posted there unless they include a Do Not Archive
notation. Ido this cuz we have so many things coming in daily that I do not
have time to play email tag on each and every one of them.

The list encourages you to post your previously viewed stories as well as new
releases. We're a new audience, new to us is kewl. Anyone into photo manips can
share that treasure with us by dropping them into a folder on the shared web.
Please do announce the treasure to the list so we know its there. I encourage
you all to fling out plot bunnies, and chat threads. This is an amazing source
of new inspiration and should be tapped as such. Discussion of the show is
also welcome. As are questions for new fics. Anything related to the show, for
that matter.

Readers, remember, feedback is the coin our authors deal in. They spend long
hours over a hot keyboard to bring you the stories. Be polite and take a few
seconds out of your own life to let them know they are appreciated. It pays off
in new stories, make no mistake.

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