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witchbladechatandfic - Chat and fic Witchblade

Subject: Chat and fic Witchblade

Description: Ian....Jake....Sarah....they form the perfect triangle with the witchblade at
the crux. The emotions run hot in this show. Come discuss this movie turned
series. We're eager for your opinions. Come share your general, hetero and
slash stories, smarm and beyond, come share the magic.

This list has a sister list on YG. The stories posted to that list will be up-
loaded to the shared files here as a webpage as a way of perserving them
against the new archive ceiling there, as will the stories posted to this list,
cuz its just easier to find them that way instead of skimming through the

The list here follows squidge TOS. What that means is No Child Porn (I.E pics)
and No Snuff, in addition to my own personal no-no against flaming. Otherwise
its up to your own personal limits. Let your imaginations soar.

We eagerly encourage you to post previously viewed fics as well as the current

Readers, don't forget you have an important role in the cycle of fanfic. Post
our authors feedback. Its the only payment they get for long hours spent
working at a hot keyboard.

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