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vigsvale_update - Update Announcements For Vig's Vale Website

Subject: Update Announcements For Vig's Vale Website

Description: When Vig's Vale (my website) is updated announcements will be sent out
informing members of said updates.

I know that setting up this website has been slow going, but it is my first.

If you would like me to host your fanfic or fan art on my website,
please send me an email with permission, the email address you
would like to use for feedback, and the fic or art in attachment.

Please send any attachments as .doc, .cwk, .rtf or .jpg files.
At this time, I am unable to upload .gif files.

I'm going to work on that *after* I get the basic site up and running.

Thanks for your patience.

Her Divine ListMistress
Attempting to become Her Divine WebMistress
High Priestess of the Cult of Scribe

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