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vigsvale - Updates of fanfic and original stories for input and beta purposes.

Subject: Updates of fanfic and original stories for input and beta purposes.

Description: Welcome to Vig's Vale.

This list is designed as place to post fiction, both original and fanfic,
so other members of the group can offer input and suggestions.

It is primarily for UNFINISHED work that needs to be betaed
work that you simply want honest opinions on before posting it elsewhere.

The Shared Web is open to all List Members, so feel free to post
your work there but be sure to drop the list a note to tell us it is there.
ALL types of fiction are welcome, from General to NC-17.
Please tell us what the rating is and put any warnings in the note.
Warnings should include Slash/Het/Gen and things like Non-Con/Rape, BDSM, etc...

You know the drill.

Please only join the list if you are either a writer in need of the type of help
described above OR you are willing to give feedback and input or even
BETA the stories you read here.

This list is NOT for LURKING. If you join, you will be
EXPECTED to participate in some fashion.

We DO, of course, understand that Real Life CAN get in the way.
If you have RL problems that will keep you out for a while, that's fine.
We won't hurt you.
But PLEASE participate when you can and let us know when you can't...

- Vigdis
Her Divine ListMistress

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