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treasuredmoments - Holiday chat and fic

Subject: Holiday chat and fic

Description: Celebrate The Holidays Thru Fan Fic. Holiday fanfic has gotten more and more popular so for thoses of you who like to read the whimsical or dramatic fic in a holiday setting... Any holiday setting, including birthdays, anniversaries and those special days that have meaning just to the characters are what we're looking for here. Because I like to encourage original fic, that's welcome too. All the stories posted to the list will be eventually included in the list archive. More on that, and how to post in the Authors FYI.

I don't have the time or inclination to moderate the list for underage ears, so please, adults only. Be honest.

Finally, I've come to believe that more fiction is generated by lists that allow discussion, so if you want to share holiday stories more power to ya. come and play, and if you like the idea behind this list, do spread our sub info to anyone who might be interested in sharing the treasured moments

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