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threeinthebed - Chat and fic revolving around threesomes, or more-somes

Subject: Chat and fic revolving around threesomes, or more-somes

Description: I've got a kink for threesomes, foursomes, moresomes, so thought it would be
nice to have a list for just that. Got a story to tell that adds more than two
in the love affair? Want to discuss what makes the threesome fic so popular in
your favorite fandom? Come play in the bed....

Come discuss the delightful chemistry of the multitude of series characters and
share a story while your at it... post us your general, hetero or slash fanfic.
Smarm through BDSM and beyond are eagerly devoured here. Previously viewed fics
are encouraged, as well as the current release.

This list follows the squidge TOS. What that amounts to is that, aside from the
obvious NO FLAMING rule, we have to basic nonos....NO CHILD PORN (I.E: No pics
of children in compromising postions) and NO SNUFF. Otherwise we've pretty much
free to ride the wings of our imaginations, so drop the reins and fly.

Discussion of the many and varied shows, books, gamer fantasies and animes, of
the fics, both in progress and after completion are welcome. Pairings have no
limits, barring that of you imagination.

The stories are being uploaded as web pages into the shared web here, so don't
assume every treasure is in the message files. We're full of hidden treasures.
Any stories posted to the list will be posted to the list archive, the WWOMB,
unless they include a direct DO NOT ARCHIVE notation.

Post us an intro as you come to us so we know you're here. And remember, this
is just one of several hundred MLs attached to the WWOMB. Come visit the website
archive for even more ficcies. The archive accepts fanfic submissions from
all fandoms and genres.

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