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thewildandwickedsideoftyr - Chat and fic for Andromeda

Subject: Chat and fic for Andromeda

Description: Andromeda's dark and dangerous security guard, Tyr, has a wild and wicked
side. Come share a discussion about the Niechzsian philosophy of life. A
general fiction story? A hetero or slash story, maybe? We encourage members
to post previously viewed fics as well as current releases.

This list is sister list to one on YG which I will over time be transferring
here. The stories posted tot hat list will be up-loaded onto the shared files
as I get time. All stories posted to both lists without the notation DO NOT
ARCHIVE will be housed at the list archive, the WWOMB.

The list follows squidge TOS. What that means to you is that we do *NOT* allow
child porn (I.E: pics that show children in seductive pose) or Snuff bits. Also
have a zero tolerance for flaming. Otherwise, let your imaginations soar. If
your post includes a squickable topic, make note of that in the warnings

Since I allow discussions along the romantic end of this character's life and
don't want to have to monitor against minor's tender ears...or eyes in this
case I ask that only adults join this list.

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