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therebeslashhere - Chat and fic

Subject: Chat and fic

Description: Everyone has a different idea of what shows are slashy and
which ones aren't. Thought it might be nice to have a forum
to discuss the shows that scream slash..And those that don't,
so come share your thoughts on your slashy show.

Course since the website is an archive, if you want to share
a story in the slashy fandom of your choice, that's all kewl too.

We are currently moving the stories from our soon to be closing YG list
over here. The stories posted on the YG list, as well as any sent to
this list will be uploaded as web pages into the shared files of this

At this time, we have stories from Angel the Series, Freedom, Harry
Potter, Jules Verne, Queer As Folk and Snatch uploaded to the shared files,
but more are added as they come in.

This list follows the squidge TOS. If you are unfamiliar with that, be aware
that aside from no flaming, the list does not allow child porn (I.E underage
pictures of sexual content) or snuff bits. Aside from that, its pretty much
up to the writer's imagination.

Throw out an intro and let us know where your interests lie

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