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theinvisiblemanchatandfic - Chat and fic for The Invisible Man

Subject: Chat and fic for The Invisible Man

Description: The Invisible Man stars Vincent Ventresca as Darien Fawkes, a small-time thief
who is drafted into secret government experiments on invisibility. With his
partner, Bobby Hobbes, Darien vanquishes the baddies and rights all the wrongs.
This list is meant to discuss the show, and to share a story, general, hetero
or slash. All are welcome.

ALL stories WILL BE POSTED to the WWOMB Archive unless a do not post notation
is included. This list has a sister list on YG called TheInvisibleManFic.
Because the YG site has issued a ceiling on messages, and this is an iffy kind
of list for mainstream sites, I will be using the shared files of this site as
a back up site for that list, as well as uploading the stories, as web pages
instead of a ML storeage site like escribe of TheMailArchive. Unlike these
automated sites, it will take time for me to load the stories, so just pop in
from time to time to catch the new things.

We do accept, encourage and desire your previously viewed fics as well as the
new releasess. Post anything TIM you would like in the archive. If you'd like
to offer other fandoms, check out the ML page on the WOMB...We've got a grip of

That said, come, drop us a bio and have fun

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