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templeofthesoileddoveschatandfic - Chat and fic

Subject: Chat and fic

Description: "The Temple Of The Soiled Doves" is a BDSM slave-traning series that spans an ever growing range of fandoms, including The Sentinel, Stingray, The Labrynth, LA Heat, The X Files, Blake 7 and The Invisible Man to in the first two chapters.

Because of the way many fandoms are being weaved into this series, it's hard to post to lists that would be interested. That being the problem, I've decided to post the story here and create a website just for this series.

If you would like to discuss the story, offer suggestions either in story direction or fandoms you would like to see included, come join the list

At this time, I'd like to open this list up to the sibs. You may either write in the Soiled Dove Universe, or spin off into your own "temple" by spinning a tale of soiled doves all your own

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