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sm-stories - Slashing Mulder Story List - Stories Only List

Subject: Slashing Mulder Story List - Stories Only List

The Slashing Mulder Story List
Please note that slash fiction is mostly homoerotic (Gay!) fiction, you must be over 18 to join this mailing list.

I have an obsession. His name is Fox Mulder. I love to see him slashed. I love to slash him. Those eyes, those lips... that ass. I want to read about Mulder having a romantic and sexual relationship with AD Walter S. Skinner and drool over the electric tension between Mulder and Alex Krycek. I'm sure now, you know what I mean by Slashing Mulder ;-)

Do you feel the same? Then join the story list, where you can post and read slash stories about Fox Mulder or any other fictional character David Duchovny has portrayed. This is a list for those who love to read and/or write Mulder centric slash fan fiction - No discussion, stories only.

For both stories and friendly/inspirational discussion join this list:
Slashing Mulder Mailing List

For archived Slashing Mulder stories, go here:
Slashing Mulder Archive
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