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slashthepretender - Chat and fic for The Pretender

Subject: Chat and fic for The Pretender

Description: Jarod, kidnapped from his family at an early age, raised in a confined lad area in a powerful cooporation called The Center, can assume anyone's life, imitate anyjob description to the point of fooling the most experienced professional. Become whatever and whoever he wants. And he does it to protect the victims of the world. To give back as close to a normal life the children of those hurt by people more pwerful than themselves.

Come discuss the ideas behind the episodes, the relationships between the persurers and the pursude.

THis list allows slash fiction, so hook him up with one of the guys, or hook up a couple of the guys, How about Miss Parker and her lady stepmom.

Cuddle him, snuggle him, beat him, whip him make him bleed....Hey he likes it. Of course you have to comfort his boo-boos when he hurts so...come play

All the stories will be archived unless you include a do not archive notation

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