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slashtheinvisibleman - Chat and fic for The Invisible Man

Subject: Chat and fic for The Invisible Man

Description: Hobbes and Darian make an adorable couple. I'm sure there are,
lets chat the boys (or ladies) of The Invisible Man and share a discussion
or story.

We encourage the previously viewed fics as well as new releases. The stories
posted to the YG and topica groups will be uploaded to the shared web files
here as well as stories posted to this list as I get time. All stories shared
here will be posted to the WWOMB unless there is a Do Not Archive notation

This list follows the squidge TOS. What that means is that aside from my own
personal rule of NO FLAMING, we have to squidge based rules. NO CHILD PORN
(I.E: no photos or manips that display children in a compromising sexual
situation) and NO SNUFF. Otherwise we're pretty free to gowhere the muses take
us. Let your imaginations soar above and beyond.

Post us an intro so we know you've arrived, and have fun

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