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slashthebeastmaster - Chat and fic for The Beastmaster

Subject: Chat and fic for The Beastmaster

Description: Tao and Dar make the most delightful couple. Think of all those hot jungle nights under the stars, just the two of them. If you see them as a family, or see them with one of the other guys, come chat them or share a slashy story. Let the boys, or the girls, for that matter have some fun. The list welcomes smarm and beyond.

All stories posted here will be archived unless they include a DO NOT ARCHIVE notation. Stories that I've posted to the site will also be included in the shared files on this site as web pages. This includes direct submissions and requested stories. We've got a nice selection of direct submissions there already

I don't have the time or inclination to monitor the posts for minor ears, so joining this list confirms you are OVER THE LEGAL AGE.

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