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slashstarskyandhutch - Chat and fic for Starsky And Hutch

Subject: Chat and fic for Starsky And Hutch

Description: Starsky and Hutch are two men in a exotic world of love. This list welcomes slash fiction, in all its forms...smarm and beyond. We welcome writers who have a view of this couple just a little different from the well as the straightline S&H fiction writer.

I don't have the time or inclination to moderate this list for minor ears, so adults only. Otherwise, come discuss the love between these two share a story, be it general, hetero, if that's your idea of fun, or slash.

Finally, don't flame on the list. we're here to have fun. If you don't like what someone says, delete it.

All stories posted to the WWOMB unless you specifically say you don't want it there.

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