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slashingmulder - Slashing Mulder

Subject: Slashing Mulder

Please note that slash fiction is mostly homoerotic (Gay!) fiction, you must be over 18 to join this mailing list.

I have an obsession. His name is Fox Mulder. I love to see him slashed. I love to slash him. Those eyes, those lips... that bum. I want to read about Mulder having a romantic and sexual relationship with AD Walter S. Skinner and drool over the electric tension between Mulder and Alex Krycek. I'm sure now, you know what I mean by Slashing Mulder ;-)

Do you feel the same? Then join the mailing list, where you can discuss anything and everything about Fox Mulder. This is a list for those who love Mulder Centric slash fan fiction and love to rave about it. Posting your stories is encouraged too.

Stories posted to slashingmulder and sm-stories are archived at the Slashing Mulder Archive, which is maintained by Jo B.

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