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Subject: slashfic

Slashing Any Fandom Mailing List.... Like the name says, this is a place to *slash* any character in any fandom. That includes the old time favorites like Star Trek, Man From Uncle and The Sentinel as well as the new and rare fandoms like Enterprose, Witchblade and Mutant X. If you see slash in *any* fandom, come show the rest of us here. We allow the soft and sweet fic as well as the rough and tumble. Ratings fromt he gentle pre-slash G all the way up to the PWP NC-17. Come explore the kinky side, the loving side, the go all the way side of the m/m and f/f character pairings.

Authors, introduce us to your favorite pairing. We encourage previously veiwed and new release stories.

Readers, play your part by feeding the authors. Its more important than you may realize...and the only pay an author of fanfic gets.

All the stories will be considered direct submissions to the multi-fandom/lists list archive, the WWOMB and as such be posted to the list archive unless they include a direct DO NOT ARCHIVE notation

Because this archive handles several hundred lists, I don't have time to notify each writer as their stories go up so I ask that you join the direct submissions/announcements list if you want to be informed.

Finally, we have several lists that may be of interest to some of you. Makebelieve is the archive's primary direct submissions and announcement list. Makebelieve Fic Only just allows fic postings. Makebelieve Jr is a general fic list. MakebelieveOn Squidge is our off YG list. And for kinky fics... Leather and Roses On Makebelieve Want more fandom or theme focused lists, You can find dozens of Makebelieve owned lists at our on site Mailing Lists page.

See ya on the flip, luvs... The WWOMB Archive

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