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shortsweetslash - Short Sweet Slash

Subject: Short Sweet Slash

If you like to read or write slash fan fiction stories that are short and sweet, this is the place. Slash stories may be in any fandom, Highlander, Due South, The Sentinel, Stargate SG1, Andromeda, Enterprise, Diagnosis Murder, Buffy TVS, Houston Knights, Hercules TLJ, Kung Fu TLC, The Pretender, The Invisible Man, The X Files, Man from Uncle, Starsky and Hutch, Dukes of Hazzard, Emergency or any other fandom that you like, as long as it's slash (male/male), as long as it's sweet (loving, caring, no deaths, no permanent mental illness and no serious partner abuse of the main characters), and as long as it's less than 20,000 words or so (The word count isn't sealed in stone. I promise we won't boot you off if it's longer. :)) First time stories, cuddly stories and stories of sensualism are welcome! Angst is great as long as it has a happy ending! Discussion is also welcome! Flames are not allowed.
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