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Subject: sg1

Description: Dear SG1 subscriber,

Thanks for joining us on this SG1 mailing list, which is hosted at If you have questions, please contact the list owner at If you have a question for the site administrator,
email him at

This list is available via both email and via web browser. Mail
automatically comes to you either instant or digest format (however you
chose to subscribe) or accessed via the web at

Please save this email somewhere for future reference - it's got the mails
and URL's you need to sub and unsub from the list, plus the short list of
requests (ok, rules!) for being a member. Here's the welcome message from
the List GateKeeper....

Welcome to the list, we're so glad to have you, and we have a very few
actual rules - 6 to be precise.

First, no flames. Ever. That's easy enough, this doesn't seem to be a
flaming bunch. But just in case, we operate a 'three strikes and you're
out' policy here. If anyone flames, they'll be warned to cease and
If they continue to flame, they'll be unsubbed from the list for one
If they continue to flame after that, they're banned from the list

Second, no chain letters, and this includes anything that says "Pass it
along" (ie no Neiman Marcus Cookies, no Get Rich Quick, and most
definitely no soliciting).

2a. No adverts allowed (see Point 1 for how we'll deal with this).
However, we welcome notices and discussion about SG & related conventions,
fanzines etc.

Thirdly - the contentious issue of spoilers. You are welcome to spoil and
discuss any episode that's aired anywhere. However since we have people
subscribed to this list from around the world, people are at different
stages of seasons and different seasons. With this in mind, if you want
to talk about a particular episode, please put the word 'spoiler' and the
episode title in the title of your email - that way other subscribers can
avoid spoilers for episodes they haven't yet seen....if they wish.

Number 5 - SGC Rankings. A lot of people in the SG fandom are members of
the Ryan Peters/Showetime SGC site at (me
included...Maj-Gen Peduta, at your service). People are welcome to make
reference to their rank in sig files or briefly in posts, but we want to
avoid indepth discussions about how many points people need to get to the
next rank, or which team / unit is better nyah nyah nyah ;-P Of course,
discussions about the actual characters ranks and teams is fine!

Number 5 (almost finished,I promise)- this is a discussion list, and at
this time we request that fan fiction is not posted here. You're welcome
to announce that fiction has been posted on your website, and give the
URL, but please don't send the story to this list. There are tonnes of
excellent sites and lists that cater for fiction already.

And final rule - This is an age restricted list. In order to subscribe,
you will have had to give an age statement to one of the List Owners and
include your proper name in your Profile. This allows people to have
adult discussion and use adult language. This does NOT mean that people
can be rude just for the sake of it. If you have a real problem with any
of this, you are welcome to email Claire.

Lastly, and most importantly, we're here to have fun. We'd like to get
to know each other, as well as talk about the show, the actors, the
writing, the humour, the mythologies, the whole package, and to that end,
We ask that even if you intend to lurk the rest of your life, do post an
intro anyway :) It can be as silly or as serious, as long or as short as
you like.

If anyone ever needs any help (such as list settings, changing addresses,
how to set to Digest, etc) please feel free to drop me a line, I'm happy
to help. Address is in my .sig. You can make alterations to your
settings,and even unsub, by visiting the List Admin page on the web.
You'll find it at

We do have an FAQ in progress, and as soon as it's ready, it will be made
available - sent to members via the List. We'll also be setting up a
proper home page for this List - more info on that as it becomes

We'd love feedback and suggestions on how to progress the list and make
it fun and interesting for please feel free to email us, on
or off list.

Well, thanks for reading through all that. If you're new to being on a
List, there are some ideas at the bottom of this note about how to behave,
what to expect etc. We all look forward to getting to know you on SG1.
Welcome to the list!!

Claire (SG1 List Mom) /


Tara's Tips

Tara (aka LJC) used to List Mom the DueSouth-List and did a wonderful job
of it. I couldn't possibly better her hints and tips, so here they are,
in toto.:

1. Always think before hitting reply "Do all 180+ people really need to
hear this, or should I reply only to the author?" This is very important
when threads reach the point where they bear only the slightest relation
to Stargate SG1, and you would still like to discuss them with interested

2. Always look over your reply before sending, to make certain you have
edited out the previous message's .sig, and any portions you are not
*directly* replying to. The people on digest will thank you.

3. If possible, read all your mail before replying, as someone may well
have already supplied the information asked for, or have said exactly the
same thing you have.

4. Never, ever send a "me too." or "I agree" post to the list, unless you
are going to elaborate and add something to the conversation. Your
listowner will thank you :) One line messages are frustrating, especially
to the people who pay for their internet provider.

5. If you are having problems with the sheer number of posts, consider
setting yourself to Digest. This way, you get one to three large messages
digesting all the posts of the day, instead of each individual message.
This is especially useful for replying to many posts at once.

6. If at all possible, combine your posts. This is a tough one, I admit
I find it easier to repond to individual posts because it's fresh in my
But it does help cut traffic.

7. Be considerate of your fellow listmembers. Everyone has off days,
makes typos, and isn't as clear as they wanted to be. Before interpreting
posts as flames, or making judgements, give it 12 hours and see what
develops. Often I find I misread things, or just ignoring some things
avoids flamewars(not that we ever, ever have flamewars, because I kick
people off who blatently flame).

8. It's up to you to make SG1 a fun place to hang. Yes, we are a little
looser with Signal:Noise than most lists, but I think this atmosphere
fosters involved discussions, as more people who would normally lurk are
less wary of expressing their opinons in an openminded, friendly forum,
and the Introductions are a great way of testing the waters and meeting
one another and making new friends, despite the Noise they technically are
classified as.

9. Always keep .sigs under 5 lines. A .signature file should contain
your full email address. If you do not have a .sig, please remember to
sign all your posts with your name/nick and your address so that if
someone wants to reply to you directly, they can.

...da end...

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