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safehaven_crashingthroughtheglassceiling - Chat and fic in a hassel free board

Subject: Chat and fic in a hassel free board

Description: I just heard that once again another of my favorite authors
has been harassed out of a fandom and to be perfectly
honest this burns me. For that reason, I'm creating a
safehaven list where the authors are invited to post
stories that would rise the ire of the "Old Guard". If you
have a unique vision of your fandom (or even in an original
area) and would like to explore it through discussion or
fiction, come play in our playground.

Old Guard ficcers, if you come visit us here, keep in mind
I will *NOT* tolerate anyone imposing *any* ceilings on the
visions of the authors on this list. You don't see the
characters exploring this side of the dream, than delete,
but DON'T try to impose your vision on any of the authors
or chatters. Discussion handled in a mature manner is okay,
but if you flame anyone you will be cast out. That means I
don't expect you to agree with everyones views, and I would
welcome your side of the story, but participate with an
open mind and genuine interest in expanding your own

There is a sister list for this one on YG...Its two months
old and is almost one fourth of the way through the space
allowed for messages,. Once that ceiling is readhed the
stories will be deleted. I'm going to be uploading the
stories from that site, as well as those posted here, as
web pages to the shared files on this site to prevent any
loss through that (YGs) deletion process and to make
finding the stories easier to find in complete form.

That said, if you like the idea behind this list, pass out
our addie far and wide. The more people who come play the
more fun we can have.

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