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reportersoftheworldchroniclechatandfic - Chat and fic for The Chronicle

Subject: Chat and fic for The Chronicle

Description: Wes Freewald, street-wise, humorous staff photographer of The World Chronicle. Always armed with a clever comeback, Wes eagerly jumps into each new story, no matter how risky or dangerous it might be. Tucker Burns. Handsome, dynamic, intelligent, Tucker's career path took a sharp turn in college after a controversial, prize-winning article turned his world upside-down. Tricked into writing a false piece about a professor, Tucker lost his reputation before he had the chance to earn one. His name's equal to a disease, his r�sum� remains untouched by all major publications throughout the country. Consequently, Tucker struggles to balance the security of his old world, his ex-girlfriend, who fears for his sanity,his peers at the New York Times, who now shun him with the discoveries of his new world (aliens, ghosts, vampires. Grace Hall, feisty ace reporter at The World Chronicle. Grace has a "been there, done that" attitude. Abducted by aliens as a teenager, Grace, a little cynical, very jaded, landed work at The World Chronicle after news of her "outer-space" adventures made her the town joke and erased any possibilities of her getting a "real" job. Grace is the perfect guide for the innocent, inexperienced Tucker. Donald Stern, the crusty, benign editor in chief of The World Chronicle. Sal, a.k.a. "Pig Boy," the quirky half-man, half-pig researcher diligently oversees the confidential underground archives. Sal harasses the women at the office

Come share the dynamic inter-play between these people in chat and fic. General, hetero and slash fiction are all allowed here

All stories will be housed in the list archive unless you include a DO NOT ARCHIVE notation in the header. More on that in the author's FYI.

I don't have the time or inclination to moderate this list for minor ears, so be over legal age before you join.

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