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reddwarfchatandfic - Chat and fic for Red Dwarf

Subject: Chat and fic for Red Dwarf

Description: Since someone mentioned how difficult it is to find RD fiction, I thought
it would be nice to fill the need. I invite you to experence life through
the eyes of Lister and the crew of Red Dwarf, such as it is. General,
hetero and slash fiction welcome.

All fiction will join the work of my other lists archived at the WWOMB unless
I get a "Do Not Archive" notation. Because we are working to move the WWOMB
lists on YG here to the squdge site, the stories posted to our parent list will
be transferred to the shared web files on this server over time. Once the
stories and files have been completely transferred over, I'll be closing the YG
down and all activity will be here.

Please let us know you've joined the list by sending us a bio. If you are a
writer in this fandom, please do post us your previously viewed fics as well as
the current releases. The list encouragesRD chatter, so throw out a thread in
that direction as well.

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