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qaf-l - QAF Critical Fan Fiction Discussion

Subject: QAF Critical Fan Fiction Discussion

This list is for discussion or commentary on Queer As Folk fan fiction (either UK or US), at whatever level of complexity, silliness, or venting our members so desire. You're free to talk about what you liked, what you didn't like, why you liked or disliked it, trends you've noticed, what you hate, what you love, whatever. And you can discuss it to whatever degree you want, from a casual "I loved / hated / liked / disliked / didn't care for /didn't read that new story that dropped today on JoeQAFFictionList" to an in-depth critique.

Authors can also make requests for critical comments on their stories.

WARNING to Authors: If you've put your story out there on the net then it might get critiqued here. Maybe positive, maybe negative, maybe a little of both.

The list rules are in the Files Section. Please review them.
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