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qaf-fun - Queer As Folk

Subject: Queer As Folk

Description: This is primarily a discussion group, though fanfic is welcomed
and happily encouraged.

I created this group as a forum for fun and serious discussion.
Please feel free to talk about your ideas, feelings, joys and troubles.
Talk about the show, of course!
Tell us what makes you happy about the way they are handling
things and tell us about what bothers you.
Expect differing opinions and accept them with grace.
Everyone has the right to disagree!
But feel free to be vocal about your disagreements!
Just don't be rude.
Unless you REALLY can't help it - Then don't be vicious!

It's good to disagree.
But try to remember that other folks have feelings, too.

And everyone has a right to their own opinion!

Even if they're wrong!

Let's make it a lively and fun place to be, folks...
Don't be afraid to be off topic if it's something fun or
even something that just needs to be said.

We moved here because Slash and the risqu� are welcome...

So WE ought to feel right at home!

Her Divine ListMistress

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