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qaf-fanfic - Queer As Folk Fan Fiction

Subject: Queer As Folk Fan Fiction

Description: This list is a home for all Queer As Folk fan fiction.

Stories posted here will be Archived on Vig's Vale in the
Queer as Folk or Crossover Section.
Whichever is more appropriate...

If you do not wish your stories to be Archived -

Please end your subject line with "DO NOT ARCHIVE"
and I will not put it up on the site.

Vig's Vale is currently under construction.
As soon as it is up I will post the URL.

One last thing...

This was created for Queer As Folk Slash Fiction.

It contains erotic material.

This includes erotic fan pics and fan fiction,
including homosexual material as well as
some situations including more than two people.

If you are NOT of legal age in your area
If this offends you,


You do NOT have to join this group or read any of the
material on this site!

If you ignore this warning, it's your own fault if you see
something that you wish you hadn't seen...

If you ARE of legal age and you are NOT offended by
erotic and sexually explicit material,
feel free to join and/or enter.

Her Divine ListMistress

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