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packrat_fanfic_plus - Andromeda & Farscape fanfic and original writings

Subject: Andromeda & Farscape fanfic and original writings

Description: Fanfiction, original works, poetry, filks, drabbles, essays; all ratings, G to Nc-17.

Please specify in the subject line which fandom and what rating an fic submitted falls into. That way people who aren't interested in adult fics or one fandom can just delete it.

All works will be archived at my website If you do not wish for your work to be archived, please specify "do not archive" in the header of the story.

Now the usual: no child pornography or beastiality. No flaming (e.g., "you're just a big jerk!") or spamming (e.g., "visit my free porn site").

Adult works of all kinds are otherwise welcome, including slash and BDSM.

Please also remember that we internet authors work for feedback!

That's all I can think of right now.

Blessed be,

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