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nowandagain_theadventuresofmichaelwiseman - Chat and Fic for Now And Again

Subject: Chat and Fic for Now And Again

Description: Michael Wiseman (John Goodman in a special guest-star appearance) is a schleppy, middle-aged insurance salesman who loves his wife and loves his life. When a freak accident leaves his body completely obliterated, save for his brain, which remains fully intact, the United States government in the person of Dr. Theodore Morris (Haysbert) covertly makes him an offer he cant refuse. They'll "keep his brain alive" if he agrees to take part in a secret government experiment, an attempt to manufacture "super" men to do the odious and often hazardous tasks mere mortal American men are loath to do � battle dangerous enemies, take risks, wage war.

Theres only one catch � for security reasons, he can never again have any contact whatsoever with his wife, Lisa (Colin), his daughter, Heather (Matarazzo), or his best friend, Roger (Graham).

Now with a new body and a new face, Michael quietly dedicates himself to reuniting with his family � even as he matches wits with deadly villains and hostile foes.

When Michael (Close) agrees to Dr. Morris' offer of a new life, he initially makes the transition smoothly. But when the longing for Lisa and Heather becomes overwhelming, he decides to take matters into his own hands. Meanwhile, Lisa must battle her own evil forces when Michaels former employer and insurance company attempt to label his death a suicide in order to dodge paying out on the life insurance plan. And, in another part of the world, a mysterious Asian man, armed with a deadly toxin hidden in chicken eggs, begins a reign of terror � killing innocent people in a Tokyo subway and a Paris airport.

Thislist is for discussion of the show, as well as for continuing the Wiseman/Morris adventures. General, hetero and slash fiction are all allowed and will eventually find their way into the list archive.

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