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loveslavefic - Chat and fic

Subject: Chat and fic

Description: The Sentinel...X-Files....Stargate SG-1....Star Trek....And even original
fiction.... My latest kink seems to be slave stories. Be they BDSM or whatever,
just can't seem to get enough. If you are the same kinks and want to share a
discussion, come play We're also accepting general, hetero and slash slave
stories, original and fanfic both... come in and play.

All stories will be posted to the WWOMB unless you include a do not archive
notation. This list has a sister list on YG
( as well. the stories posted to
that site are being backed up in the shared files of this list site as web
pages, as will the stories posted here. This gives us a bit of security against
the ceiling of posts allowed on YG and also allows the new folk to search our
files witout the hassels of skimming message posts.

Finally, because I'm not of a mind to monitor for underage ears, you MUST BE 17
to join the group

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