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kissmecruelfic - Chat and fic

Subject: Chat and fic

Description: The Sentinel....X Files.....Stargate SG-1....Any fandom is welcome here. Need a place to discuss hard loving, you've got the right place. General, hetero and slash fiction along this theme are eagerly accepted as well. Just post which in the sub line. Come in and play.

Like I mentioned above, and since I find that chat lists seem to generate more fiction, I also encourage you to drop your chat as to how you feel various characters in the many fandoms are roughly devoted to each suggest a new fandom or chat an old one an lets get talking.

The stories posted to this list will eventually be hosted on the archive unless you make a 'DO NOT POST' notation. Stories posted should use the template found in the submissions page on the archive.

I do not have the time or inclination to moderate this list for underage ears, so joining this list confirms you are of age. Be responsible.

Finally, the list has been getting quite a lot of adult site spamming of late. We have a ZERO TOLERANCE for this. Anyone who sends them to the list will be put on moderated status and if it continues, will be banned. Don't join thinking it will get through cuz I'm here to tell you it won't get past the first one. and if I miss it one of the sibs WILL draw my attention to it.

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