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happy_endings_r_us - Multi-Fandom Fiction With Happy Endings

Subject: Multi-Fandom Fiction With Happy Endings

Description: There is really only one rule here.

(Aside from NO FLAMING - which shouldn't have to be stated.)

All stories *must* have a happy ending.

We don't care how you get there.

Angst, comedy, hot, hurt/comfort, whatever!

Just so it ends with a "and they lived happily ever after" sort of feeling.

Yes, sad stories can be wonderful. We love them, too.

But this is not where they live.

Only HAPPY stories get to live in this neighborhood.

If you want sad stories, go down the street, turn left at the third light
and you will find Bittersweet Endings.

That is where the sad stories live. Promise!

Her Divine ListMistress

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