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gaypoliticallyincorrectchatandfic - Chat and fic

Subject: Chat and fic

Description: Someone asked for slash stories that deal with gay issues, instead of just the
*fun* part of being gay. ;-) SO, m/m or f/f, come discuss the issues that make
being gay contraversal. That's what this list is here for. Share an original or
fanfic story that emerses the characters in gay political issues, in the
psychological issues that come with being gay such as coming out and
internalized homophobia. You get the picture, right? Its something a little
more meaty than the usual fanfic fodder, but in a space and time that needs

In addition to the fics, this is a list to safely discuss the isues surrounding
the gay lifestlye. Don't come onlist expecting to preach against gay love.
Here its natural. if you want to bash this is not the place to go.

This list has a sister list on YG which over time I will be moving to this
location. The stories posted there will be uploaded to the shared web files
here, as will the stories posted to this list. Its just nicer to be able to
clip on a story as webpage rather than having to sort though the message posts.
As usual, all stories posted to the lists not including a DO NOT ARCHIVE
notation will be included in the WWOMB

Please if you like this list, invite your friends to join. Its time we had a
safe place to voice these issues

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