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gabrielknightadultfanfic - Slash fanfiction featuring the PC game hero--Gabriel Knight, Schattenjaeger (supernatural 'detective')

Subject: Slash fanfiction featuring the PC game hero--Gabriel Knight, Schattenjaeger (supernatural 'detective')

Description: For those deprived souls who don't know, Jane Jensen has created a series of interactive pc games for Sierra revolving around a sexy, supernatural butt kickin' sleuth. Gabriel Knight is a handsome, rougish native New Orleans who runs a rare book store in the French Quarter with his research assistant, Grace Nakimura. They share an antagonistic/affectionate relationship. Gabe is sexy, funny, and gorgeous. He's also a schatzenjaeger, a sort of born supernatural detective and protector. Gabe doesn't know this to start out with, and is reluctantly drawn into his new vocation. This leaves the door open for fan fic dealing with every kind of supernatural phenomina and creature imaginable, past or present. Since the creator chose to load her games with sexy characters, it positively screams for Adult het/slash fiction. There's Gabe himself. He grew up where decadence is a fine old tradition. Then there's Baron Friedrik von Glower. Handsome, magnetic, powerful, sexy...a werewolf. And he has a definitely interested eye on Gabe. So many possibilities. Does the snappishness ever relax between Gabe and Grace? Von Zell, the Baron's playmate, is jealous of Gabe, and dangerous. Exactly what is the relationship between that cute zookeeper and Herr Doktor Klingman, his superior? Did Gabe's blonde German lawyer ever show him his legal briefs? Gerde was awful broken up about losing Wolfgang, and Grace seemed inclined to comfort her. This would be crossover heaven. NO OTHER genre character would be too unlikely to show up in Gabe's world. Restrictions? No kids or critters.

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