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farscape_fic - Chat and fic for Farscape

Subject: Chat and fic for Farscape

Description: Astronaut John Crichton, on an experimental space mission, is accidently
hurtled across the universe into the midst of an intergalactic conflict. This
list is a place to discuss this exciting new show, and post a little fiction.
We welcome hetero and slash fic as well as the occasional general fic piece.
The list follows the squidge TOS meaning we have two no-nos. No Child Porn
(pics, not fics) and No Snuff. In addition to that No Flaming. Aside from that,
the list welcomes you with open arms to push against the envelope and let
your imagination soar.

Anyone have photo manips? you are encouraged to share them in the shared web
files. Just open up a folder and drop them in. Be sure to post an notice to the
list so we can find it. Wallpapers are welcome as well, and sound

By joining you confirm that you are indeed over the legal age in your area.
Please drop an intro so we know you're here. You are welcome to chat the
characters, the show, and in the event of one of our guys getting a new role
somewhere, that as well..No gossip, though. Just sharing of the kowledge.

Oh yeah, the stories sent to the parent list on YG will be uploaded as web
pages onto the shared web of this list in anticipation of the migration over
here as I get time. The stories posted to this list will also be uploaded here
so don't just browse the message posts you might be missing some hidden

Finally, *All* fiction posted to this list not accompanied by a Do Not Archive
Notation is archived at the Wonderful World Of MakeBelieve

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