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fanficperfectpics - Share a pic

Subject: Share a pic

Description: Have a fanfic screen clip/maniputated pic or artisic creation you would like to share. This list is for sharing pics, discussing the clips/pics and maybe creating a little magic (stories based on the clips) Because of the danger of virus' it is recommended that you post your pics etc to the shared files then simply post an announcement to the list that they are there.

Perfect Pic is an an adult list, you confirm you are over legal age when you join, but I may ask for an age statement if there is any doubt. stories and pics will be posted to WWOMB, as well as some discussion threads (Q&A section)

Oh and if any of the pics scream a story to you, you can post thoses here too...noting ghe pic so it can be included with the piece in the WWOMB

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