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fanficchat - Chat and fic

Subject: Chat and fic

Description: If its Fanfic related, its welcome for discussion on this list.

Ever just want to discuss why we love to write and read fanfic? Got a question about a term in the world of fanfic? Got a new plot bunny attacking and need somewhere to discuss the premise? Stuck with a flatline story and want some advice about the idea behind the story, a new POV to set ya on the right path? Need a place to discuss the characters, to get a second opinion...Just want to chatter about a story line that's got its fangs in your neck and see how others feel about it? Want to have a chat about the squirkables of fanfic, whatever?

Writers, if you want a place to discuss the general fun and games behind the writing of a story or need some serious input, come join us. Got a sticky section and want to bitch about the unfairness of having to write something that's resisting?

Readers, want to give your input to a story that's being brought to our boards? Everyone, want to discuss a favorite story you've read (not flaming, but honest discussing), a theme that rocks your clock..a suggestion for a story you'd like to see written...A new fandom that's caught your eye? Its all fodder for this board.

Authors, its not a preriquist, but we'd love to have you share your finished product here...Especially if you'd like the story discussed in ernest. Readers, come prepared to offer your honest, HELPFUL input.

Story recs are welcome as well

All stories posted here MUST include a "Do Not Archive" notation or they will eventually end up in the archive.

Writing tips from the sibs will find a final resting place on the Writer's tips page on the website as well.

This board accepts all the genres, general, hetero and slash, so be sure to include that info in your posting so those who aren't into that genre aren't squirked.

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