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fanficangst - Chat and fic

Subject: Chat and fic

Description: The Sentinel, X-Files, Lexx, The Man From UNCLE, The Pretender.... if the show,
anime, game fantasy, movie or book speaks to you in a *angsty* voice, here's a
place to tell all.

General, hetero and slash fiction are all welcome here. Squick fic is kewl as
well, with the warnings attached. I encourage chatter on the list, this seems
to have a funny way of inspiring stories and challenges.

There is a sister list on YG. The stories from both the discontinuing parent
list on YG and here will be uploaded as webpages into the shared web files of
this list as I find time to do it. Just a little thing to help ease the hunt
and peck searching through the message posts of WIPS and long multi-post

Photos and manips are welcome here in the shared web. Just do post the list so
we know you've slipped us a hidden treasure. Oh, you need to open a file for
your shared bits there. Each folder belongs to its creator and can't be altered
by others.

We would love you to send us anything you might have lying around. Previously
viewed stories as well as current releases are eagerly devoured. WIPs can be
posted, but please do try to remember to send the complete story to the list.

Readers, remember you play a vital role here. Feedback is the coin our writers
deal in. Take a few minutes to post back. The writers spend hours over that hot
keyboard to bring you the stories. Whats a couple seconds out of your time, hey?

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