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everyonelovesscottevil - EveryoneLovesScottEvil

Subject: EveryoneLovesScottEvil

Description: Yeah, his dad may have the publicity, but we all know who the REALLY wicked
Evil is--Scott. Cool, sexy, cute, slacker, smart-a**, contemptuous of his
father, animal lover... What's not to like? Every kid who's ever been
embarrassed by his parent. All fiction featureing Scott is welcome, G to
NC-17. But let's keep it light, people, in the spirit of the original A.P.
movies. And, what the heck, stories and discussions of other Seth
Green (Scott Evil incarnate) are welcome, too! I just LIKE the
boy. This is a slash friendly list, but all genre's are welcome.
No flamers tolerated. So let's see if No. 2 will buy us some beer, lock Mini Me
in the closet, and fire up an adult movie on Skinemax. Or heck, the
old man won't know, and Frau won't mind... Let's do some pay-per-view...

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