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earthfinalconflictchatandfic - Chat and fic for Earth Final Conflict

Subject: Chat and fic for Earth Final Conflict

Description: Which of the alien races do you prefer? Whose the character that makes
your world shake? General, hetero and slash fiction and discussion of
Earth Final Conflict. Joining us confirms you are of legal age.

The stories posted to the sister list on YG will be posted as web pages
on the shared web of this file will I'm transferring the list over here.
The fiction posted to the list is posted at the Wonderful World Of
MakeBelieve Archive unless it is accompanied by a Do Not Archive notation.

We encourage you to cross post your previously veiwed as well as current
release stories since a lot of sibs do not belong to all the lists, so if
you do have something you've posted elsewhere, do share it here too

The list follows the squidge TOS, which is pretty freeing. Aside from my
personal rule of NO FLAMING, squidge forbids CHILD PORN (I.E: Pictures or
manipulations which show children in a compromising sexualsituation) and SNUFF.
Aside from that let your imaginations soar. Leather and BDSM pieces have a place
here as well as the sweet smarmy bit. Burst through the invisible ceiling of
many EFC lists and expand your horizons, to Talon and beyond.

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