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doggettslash - X-Files chat and fic

Subject: X-Files chat and fic

Description: Agent John Doggett has taken Mulder's place on the X-Files. Guess that rates
him a place on the fandom circuit so here goes. The name of the list says
slash. We'll take any kind, from the smarmy Gs to the rough and nasty NC-17.
BDSM and kinks are the norm for this fandom, so come show what Mr D can take.

Feel like discussing Ds place on the show, how it effects the show to have
Mulder gone? Feel free. this is a forum for show related chat as well.

I'm gonna ask here that the authors remember to share with this list when
you're sharing with others. We can only get pleasure from the sharing if
something is posted to the list. And readers, play your part by feeding the
authors. Its more important than you may realize

All the stories will be considered direct submissions to the multi-fandom/lists
list archive, the WWOMB and as such be posted to the list archive unless they
include a direct DO NOT ARCHIVE notation

Because this archive handles several hundred lists, I don't have time to notify
each writer as their stories go up so I recommend you join the direct
submissions/announcements list at

if you want to be informed.

I have neither the time or the inclination to moderate the posts for minor
ears, joining tells the world you are over legal age. Be honest.

Finally, if you spam the list I will remove it AND you without warning. We don't need spam in our files. I do however encourage chatter onlist. It tends
to stimulate ficcies, and that's what we're here to inspire, aren't we.

Oh yea, and its been requested that you include your couples in your posts,
please do this. some readers would rather only read the pair they like and not
wade through the rest.

See ya on the flip, luvs...

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