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didnothappenthatwaychatandfic - Chat and fanfic

Subject: Chat and fanfic

Description: The season finale's have hit us with massive death and destruction. Fans are in hyper denial of the way things might happen next season. Screams of "He's not dead." and "He can't be gone." are filling the cyber air waves. The time has come to unite, guys. If your in denial because your favorite shows been canceled, come relive the show through fic and discussion. If you're in denial because the show's left you with the shadow of death cliffhanger, come rewrite the end. No matter what you're in denial about, you can rewrite the outcome here. Just for fun.

All stories, general, hetero or slash will be archived unless you include a DO NOT ARCHIVE notation. More on that in the FYI to authors.

Since I don't have the time or inclination to moderate for young ears, only adults please.

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