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creativewriters - Techniques and discussion writing original and fanfic

Subject: Techniques and discussion writing original and fanfic

Description: This list is dedicated to improving your writing skills, letting you meet and chat with other writers and just being able to exchange the creative flow. Since we do not want to limit the exchange of ideas, we are restricting this list to Adults only. Therefore joining the list confirms that you are indeed over legal age in your area. Be honest

We welcome any fiction that you may be willing to share with us, either as a work in progress, with the intention of getting feedback, and you can identify these by putting CRIT in the subjsect bar, or as a completed work just for sharing.

The list does offer an archive that has a section for general fiction and fan ficition and both of these are again subdivided into general, hetero and slash fiction.

It also has a spot for the artists in the group to display painting, graphic design or any other creative works that they may have developed. Please post these directly tot he shared files and send an announcement to the list.

Interested in the craft of writing, then do come on in.

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