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coverthemin - Chat and fic

Subject: Chat and fic

Description: Farscape... First Wave....The Sentinel...The Invisible man..Andromina...Star Wars...Stargate..X-Files...the list of Fandoms goes on and on. Or share an original character piece

If you ever wanted to cover your favorite characters in Chocolate...Vanilla Creme..whipped cream.....strawberry sauce...whatever, we want to share. If you've got a whim for the kinky and want to drip candle wax or have a bit of blood-play...hey cover 'em in that, we're easy.

All stories will eventually be posted to one of the archives that make up the sprawling monster, The WWOMB unless they include a do not archive notation

Joining confirms you are over legal age. Not because of list content...well maybe a little because of content, but more because I like it that way

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