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consentdeniedchatandfic - Original and Fanfic

Subject: Original and Fanfic

Description: When no means no doesn't work.

There is a small but active groups of fanfic writers and readers who find
comfort in the occassional Non-concensual/rape fantasy fic. This list provides
a safehaven for this elite misunderstood group. A place where you can share the
fictional stories that help so many of us victims to regain the stolen power
this heinous crime has stripped us of.

This is NOT the place for people who are indifferent to the needs and desires
of the list sibs. Make no mistake, we in no shape or manner condone rape,
either mental or physical, but we do understand the theraputic release of
expressing the crime in prose. And that is what we are here to do.

That said, original and fanfiction stories are welcome here as well as survivor
fic. Please, if you are writing a survivor piece, note that. Warnings of the
stories squick factors is required, since rape may not be the only one involved
in the stories. We also encourage theme based chat. We're here cuz we're
frowned upon in so many areas of fanfic. Or cuz we've lived the experience and
need a place to vent it out.

Just so its clear, General, Hetero and Slash stories are all welcome. Survivor Fic welcome.

This list is part of the WWOMB family of lists. All stories posted to here, and
on the parent YG list will be uploaded as web pages into the shared web. They
will also be archived at the WWOMB unless you include a do not archive

ConsentDenied follows squidge TOS. What that means is No child Porn (I.E: pics
of children in sexual postures is a no-no)and No snuff fic. I add my own
personal NO FLAMING rule here as well. The subject matter of this list is
touchy to say the least. Respect that there are some sibs here dealing with the
pain of personal experience and supoort them.

Please drop us an intro when you join usso we know you're here

All fic that does not include a DO NOT ARCHIVE will be posted to the RFA

I don't have the time or inclination to monitor this list for minor ears, so adults only. No exceptions

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