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chatroundthemedias - Chat the medias, books, movies, television...

Subject: Chat the medias, books, movies, television...

Description: Sitting here listening to the new SCIFI series, "Night Visions" it occured to me that there might be some fun in chatting the shows that wouldn't fall into much of a fic catagory. Shows like the Twilight Zone and The Outer Limits are the shows that inspired me tomake this list, although I see no reason why we cant delve into the popular ones like The XFiles and Sentinel...Or British television like ManChild...Has anyone caught that one...bliss...Movies like The Borne Identity and such...Novels of interest..whatever..

And I suppose if you wanted to share a fic or two, I couldn't complain about that either....But I'd like to keep the genres open, so if you do want to post a story, mark it general, hetero or slash. We're following the squidge TOS as to what's allowed here. Those are the list rules...very good, they are.

This list is part of the WWOMB family, so you know that if youpost fic it will be archived unless you so a definate no.

Thats it. The rest we'll hash out onlist.

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