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bottomsupfic - Chat and fanfic

Subject: Chat and fanfic

Description: The Sentinel...Star Trek...X-Files.... StarGate SG-1 as well as Original fiction....dedicated to the "bottom" of a relationship. Specifically, when the bottom happens to be the person you would "assume" to be the top by looking at a couple. IE: Jim as bottom in a J/B pairing, or Chakotay as bottom in a C/P pairing or Hercules as bottom in a Herc/Iolaus pairing. Ya know, where the "big guy" is submissive...

Come discuss the possibilities of this theme. Share a general, hetero or slash story. We're looking for Smarm and beyond....

the stories posted to this list will eventually be included in the list archive unless you include a Do Not Archive notation. More on that in the author's FYI

I don't have the time or inclination to moderate this list for underage ears so joining this list confirms that you are over the legal age. come play in the playground

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