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blairoooowiesfic - The Sentinel fanfic and discussion

Subject: The Sentinel fanfic and discussion

Description: Focusing on the Sentinel's Blair Sandburg, this list addresses the
popularity of Angst in TS fic. Hey angstfic has almost become a fandom
of itself, so here's a place for those of us who love to put our favorite
little guppy on the rack. General, hetero and slash fiction are all welcome.

The stories posted to this list will eventually be posted on WWOMB unless
you make a 'DO NOT POST' notation. This includes stories posted as URLs.
Stories posted should use the templete found in the submissions page on the

At this time, because this server is more secure for our type of play, I am
backing up our parent list on YG here, so the stories from that list are being
uploaded as webpages directly into the shared files here. The stories posted to
this list, as I get them processed, are also being uploaded, so there is less
fuss and muss about finding posted WIPs and long stories.

I encourage the writers to *Not* lurk. Post us the previously veiwed stories
you've shared on other lists as well as your new releases. We're a hungry bunch
of readers here. Readers, please remember the important role you play on the
food chain. Feed our authors and beg for more

Photos and manipulations are welcome in the shared files. Just open your own
folder and announce the list when you post.

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