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barrettachatandfic - discussion and fanfic for Barretta

Subject: discussion and fanfic for Barretta

Description: The arrogant little Italian cop, Detective Tony Barretta has got to be about the slashiest thing walking in 70's tvland. He seems to have this very close personal relationship with his pimp snitch, Rooster. With his Captain, well maybe. Then there's Billy, his elderly buddy/guardian. Do those two live together or what? Course he's also one hunk of a male slut too. Puts The Sentinel's Blair to shame.

Agree? No? Come discuss the possibilities of this show? Or share a general, hetero or slash story.

All fiction will be archived at "The Wonderful World Of MakeBelieve Archive", which houses varied fandoms and independant authors unless it includes a DO NOT ARCHIVE notation. this does include stories posted as URLs

I don't have the time or inclination to monitor the posts on this list, so minors go somewhere else...Whatcha doing watching Barrette anyway...ya might learn how to smoose....

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