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anythinggoesatthecouncilofthering - Discussion and fanfic for Lords Of The Ring

Subject: Discussion and fanfic for Lords Of The Ring

Description: I know that there have been several single pairing lists for Lord Of The Rings,
and one slash list, as well as a list for the rougher fics....Well, joining
them caught my interest and now I want to make something of a combination for
all these lists as well as general and hetero fic. This one is for any
pairing, any genre, Like the list says, anything goes...within reason. (g)The
stories posted to this list will eventually be included on the list website.

I've added a section in the shared files for storied posted to the list I've
already archived. Also a section for stories that come to us as the result of
a direct submission or request. Take time to check out the shared files
often. There is hidden treasure there.

Readers, feedback is important to reap a healthy harvest of Ringfic, so do your

I would also like to include discussion on the novels and the movie here, so if
you want to chat about anything Ringish... this is the place to go.

I don't have the time or inclination to moderate this list for underage ears,
so please, adults only. If I find out you're sneaking in without the age needed
I will unsub you.

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