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alternaterealityfanfic - discussion and fanfic

Subject: discussion and fanfic

Description: They still have the same jobs and live in the same time. So you change one or
a few making a straight couple not...Instant Alternate Reality.

The Sentinel, X-Files, Beastmaster, Emergency or even something from the many
print and other medias..Come discuss the idea. Come share a general, Hetero or
Slash story with us, smarm and beyond.

All stories will be eventually archived on the WWOMB unless they include a do
not Archive notation. This does include stories posted as URLs. I will also be
posting the stories to the shared files on this site as web pages as I get time
cause its easier to find and read the complete story if its all nice and tidy
in finished form, isn't it? And this also gives me a protected file if the web based site gets wonky.

Because I don't have the time or desire to moderate posts against minors,
joining this list confirms you are over legal age in your area. Be responsible.

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