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adultfarscape - Discussion and Fanfic of Farscape

Subject: Discussion and Fanfic of Farscape

Description: Love FarScape? John? Crais? D'Argo? Ayren? Whoever? Share a discussion or
a general, hetero or slash story. We're interested in it all, Smarm and

The stories are being uploaded as webpages as I get time into the shared files
of this list. All stories will eventually be archived there as well as on the WWOMB, our list site, unless they include a 'NO ARCHIVE" notation. This does
include stories posted as URLs

This list follows the squidge TOS. That means, aside from my personal rule of
NO FLAMING, we have two other no-nos. NO CHILD PORN (I.E: no pics or manips of
children in compromising situations) and NO SNUFF. Otherwise you are free to
let your imagination soar. Break the glass ceiling that might be imposed on
other Farscape lists and go into the vast unknown territories of fanfic fantasy

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